A student stands onstage in front of a red background holding up one hand and looking at that hand. The student has tan skin, dark short hair, and wears a grey short sleeved hoodie.


South End Stories is excited to offer affordable programming for young people, educators, and families! Our classes, partnerships, and support systems build collaboration, collectivism, critical thinking, and creativity while being led by highly skilled teaching artists and staff. Check out our programmatic offerings below.


South End Stories is developing curriculum for both in-house programming and externally for educators in King County who need more resources. 

  • We provide individual arts-based lessons and full pre-written units

  • We advise teachers on culturally responsive practice

  • We connect educators with professional teaching artists who develop arts curricula that can be implemented in classrooms and after school. 


We believe the arts are a vital part of quality education and are working diligently to integrate the arts and social emotional learning into classrooms.

  • We're providing teaching artists to support units written and led by SPS teachers. These artists facilitate workshops in screenwriting, poetry, filmmaking, visual art, and musical theatre.

  • Our focus is on creating engaging, exciting lessons and giving students the space and methods they need to share their own stories.

From above, multiple hands reach for colored pencils in cups as they work on colorful paper.


In our professional development workshops and consulting we:

  • Set the standard and then pushing that standard forward

  • Teach scholars to advocate for their social/emotional learning needs

  • Offer trainings for staff, scholars, and families

  • Facilitate more effective, honest communication between all the community members connected to the education system

  • Unpack the Seattle Public Schools’ Policy #0030: Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity

  • Center the idea of having power with scholars, not power over them


We place students at the center of all our work. Some ways we support students include:

  • Individual coaching and supplementary lessons for struggling scholars

  • Supplies and equipment to support arts-based, culturally responsive units at our partner schools 

  • Platforms for our students to create and use their voices, including out South End Stories Youth Blog, made by and for King County youth.