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Hello everyone! My name is Harmony Grace. I was born and raised in Washington and I am currently a high school senior as well as a second year in college. Writing is something that holds so much value in my life because it helps me collect my thoughts, hopes, dreams, emotions, etc.. As I make my way as a blog editor intern, I will be sure to grow as a writer and I am excited for the writing to come.



Ricardo Gurango is a Filipino-American student currently living in Seattle, Washington. He's a Junior at Edmonds Heights K-12 and doing Running Start as a freshman at North Seattle College. He has loved writing stories and poems ever since kindergarten, especially writing to make positive change in his community. He is currently an blog editor for South End Stories as well as an intern for MoPOP's Youth Advisory Board. Apart from writing, he is also an active member of the FTC robotics team based at his school.

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