We are incredibly grateful for the network of amazing educators, artists, and organizations we work with to provide and promote equitable, enriching, and sustainable arts programming. 


South End Stories is a proud program with Intiman Theatre. Intiman is a Seattle based theatre company that wrestles with American inequities and strives towards liberation through artistic activism. As access to arts education continues to be cut, especially for under-represented voices, Intiman provides free education programs for the community. Learn more about Intiman and their programming at


The COVID crisis has affected how students and families can connect with community-based organizations in culturally responsive ways. The Continuous Learning Grant seeks to amplify and increase the capacity of community leaders and parents as educators to our youth. South End Stories is a proud recipient of this grant and partner to Seattle University.


Best Starts for Kids is a voter-approved King County initiative that invests in comprehensive approaches to promoting healthier, more resilient children, youth, families and communities. We are extremely grateful and excited to be carrying out our work with a grant from Best Starts for Kids. 


Paper Boat Books is a family owned, independent bookstore located in the heart of a wonderful community called West Seattle. Their goal is to create a cozy, inspiring space for book lovers to get together and feel more connected to their community through books, events, family reading time and so much more! They have been extremely generous in providing books and materials to our Pathfinder students this year.

SIFF's mission is to create experiences that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world. It is through the art of cinema that we foster a community that is more informed, aware, and alive. They are one of our main partnerships for our Summer program. This Summer (2020) they provided classes in documentary filmmaking, creating music videos, and acting/character development. 



Founded and led by Delbert Richardson, the Museum’s mission is to re-educate learners of all ages, in a manner that leads to self- restoration and community healing, with the eventual goal of implementing its teachings into school curricula, institutions, and organizations committed to cultural competence and social justice. South End Stories is creating education programs in collaboration with Delbert and his museum.


The STEMTAC Foundation is dedicated to building community partnerships to ensure that opportunities created by the robust STEM sector growth in the Puget Sound Region are widely accessible. Now more than ever, STEM education and technological literacy are vital for students of all ages. South End Stories is providing education programs alongside STEMTAC as a proud partner. 


Bridging Wisdom is program that connects youth and elders by creating relationships, community, compassion and joy. BW creates a safe and welcoming environment where youth who may struggle academically and behaviorally become listeners, helpers and leaders, and elders who are in isolation bring their histories of civil rights, migration, food, music and past social justice issues to life. They are a continuous partner to South End Stories as we search for more creative ways to enrich the lives of young people in Seattle. 


Hugo House is a place where people can read words, hear words, and make their own words better. Hugo House is a place for writers, with a concentrated focus on helping anyone who wants to write. We offer readings, classes, book launches, workshops, teen programs, consultations with professional writers, and much more. We're currently working with them to offer alternative English Language Arts classes in specific Seattle schools. 


Founded in November 2018 by Kaitlin Kamalei Brandon, Colorful Pages was created as an organization to help educators, families, and librarians select and use multicultural literature with PreK-12 students. Colorful Pages uses The Spectrum for Multicultural Literature, created by Brandon (2017). The Spectrum ensures that multicultural literature is used to its greatest extent to cultivate cross-cultural empathy and cultural empowerment in our students. To further achieve this, Colorful Pages not only posts resources on their website, but also facilitates professional development and coaches educators.

South End Stories is funded by Best Starts for Kids, an initiative of The King County Department of Community and Human Services.

 In 2020, SES joined the Intiman Theatre family of education programs, where it continues to operate with its own director and staff.

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