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Climate Change

Our next piece is a poem on climate change by Rowan McAlpin!

The winds getting stronger, the storms more severe

The seas rising higher and higher each year

The ice caps are melting, whole forests on fire

Animals dying, the situation is dire

The climate is changing, the damage profound

No matter how you read the facts going ‘round

We can’t deny it any more, we must take a stand

Every minute we wait it gets more out of hand

We must reduce carbon outputs, we must change our ways

We must find new solutions, for the future, for today

We must work as a group, across borders and nations

To protect our planet, to preserve its creations

It’s not yet too late to turn things around

But we must act today, make a total rebound

We have the power to change things, to remold our fate

To let’s take action today, before it’s too late


Thank you so much for your submission Rowan!

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