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Here is piece 2 out of 2 from M Wright!

"Both of these pieces are reflections of myself at different times in the past few years."

small rabbit with large ears standing on its hind legs in a grass field with dead trees in the background

My name is made of mountains, metals, and meadows. Of merciless gods and merciful endings. My name comes from years of toil and torment. I scraped and clawed the clay until I found a shining silvery piece of myself. Out of the pains of discovery comes a name, a being, and a solution. All names come from something. All names are made of something but only my name is made of me.

A crown, scrap metal wielded into a sign of power. Formed from broken soda cans and discarded trash. From something scared and alone to someone at peace with who they are. Before I was me, I was small and hiding like a rabbit cowering in a field as force ever pressing crushes its bones. The rabbit finds peace in this death. As the blood flows, the rabbit feels a sense of belonging. It was never for this world. And dies a quiet death. At peace with the world, at peace with itself. Laid to rest in the field it spent far too much of its life. Transformed. As I made my name, my name made me.

M W is my taken name. Stolen from a vault in the middle of the night. Shadows dancing on the walls engulfed me as I entered, a nameless being. Walking down those quiet halls unnoticed as I was unnoticeable. I stalked, passing hundreds of names until I found one like me. With a name of my own I broke out. Out of the vault walls out of the layers of hiding. I arose as M.


Hi, I’m M, I've been writing since i was very young (mostly world building stuff). My dad is also a big writer. The stories he wrote for me as a kid inform much of how i write now.

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