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Concord International Elementary School Poetry

"At Concord International Elementary, we are committed to teaching Ethnic Studies from kindergarten until 5th grade. This means that what we teach and the way we teach it center and uplift historically marginalized voices and perspectives and are rooted in our students’ identities and experiences. Our ethnic studies work has been in partnership with Tracy Castro-Gill and Washington Ethnic Studies Now. This particular poetry project was the culmination of our unit about identity and agency. The goal was to bring to life all the different aspects of our identity we had studied—race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity and expression, language, and more. I am so proud of these brilliant kids for bringing their unique and beautiful identities and experiences to life in their poetry."

- Maggie Dunphy, Concord 3rd Grade Teacher

8 self portraits by Concord Elementary Students made with colorful ripped paper
Self portraits by Concord Students

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