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Meet Our Fall 2021 Blog Editors!

We are thrilled to announce our Youth Blog Editors for the Fall:


Amelie, a young latine person with shoulder length brown hair in a white tank top in a bright room, leaning against her hand looking at the camera.

Hello! My name is Amelie! I use she/her pronouns and I am a latine immigrant currently in sophomore year of high school and I’m starting my internship with Seattle End Stories. I am very excited to have this opportunity to give people a way to share great ideas and be heard. I am a big believer in equity and justice, and I always hold an open-minded perspective. You can be sure I hold self-care highly on my list of important things and so in my free time, I sleep, self-reflect and take care of my precious plants and turtles. My interests in nature are large and they bring me much joy. Having a voice and using it, is something that is also high on my list and is just simply beautiful. So, with this short introduction I wanted to say “hi!” and let’s get started!


Ricardo, a Filipino young person with short black hair, stands in front of a forest and water landscape and sky with his hands in the pockets of a blue sweatshirt he's wearing.

My name is Ricardo Gurango, and I am a 15-year-old Filipino American homeschooler who wants to share his words with the world. My pronouns are he/him. I am passionate about writing, and using that writing to express and spread my thoughts about climate change, social issues, and racial injustice. I believe that because youth will be inheriting the world as the next generation, it's very important for us to shape the world into a safe and diverse place, and share our perspectives about many of the things happening in the world today. I am also currently part of the Youth Poet Laureate Cohort at Seattle Arts and Lectures as well as part of MoPOP's Youth Advisory Board. Outside of writing, I am also an aspiring YouTuber and engineer. In my free time, I like to write poetry, draw, play piano, or listen to music. I'm very excited to be a part of the blog team, and am looking to spread my thoughts about racial equity and environmental issues, and how the two can connect to each other.


Jackie, an Asian American young person with long black hair, sits in a sunny room with her head tilted looking at the camera.

Hi! My name is Jackie Le (she/her), and I’m a new youth blog editor for South End Stories! I’m a 15-year-old second-generation Vietnamese American from South Seattle, who is attending Garfield High School in the Central District as a sophomore.

I’m super passionate about youth organizing, and it’s definitely a vital piece of my identity. Issues like abolition and climate justice matter a lot to me, and is what the majority of my organizing is centered around. I got looped in when I first organized with the Emerald Youth Organizing Collective and the Andrew Grant Houston for Seattle mayor campaign’s youth team. Right now, I’m working as the interim youth team coordinator for Shukri Olow’s King County Council campaign, and am co-leading a youth-led mutual aid project!

Outside of organizing, I like to write poetry, enjoy food, be outside, scroll through Pinterest, listen to music and podcasts, watch the sun set, spend time with loved ones, and live in the moment. Super excited to write for the youth blog and to amplify South End BIPOC voices (and hope you’ll stay tuned for content from yours truly)!


We can’t wait to see what these three amazing folks have in store for the blog.

Stay tuned!

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