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Meet Our Spring 2022 Blog Editors!

Introducing our incredible Youth Blog Editor team for the Spring:


Jackie (long black hair, green shirt, hoop earrings) smiles in sunlight at the camera

Hi! I’m Jackie (she/her), and I’m a returning youth blog editor for South End Stories. I’m a sophomore at Garfield High School, where I’m starting a new role as a writer for the student newspaper. I’m passionate about community organizing, and have interned for local political campaigns this past election cycle. I hope to contribute more to the blog and ride along for whichever direction it takes!


Harmony (long dark hair, pink jacket, light shirt) smiles at the camera

Hello! My name is Harmony Grace and I'm currently a junior in high school as well as a running start college freshman. Something that I really like to do is explore art. I like to sketch, make digital art, and paint occasionally. I also like being involved in my community, which is why I'm elevating the student voice in my school district and why I will be on my city's advisory committee. I enjoy writing my thoughts and journaling whenever I get inspiration, the inspiration moment is my all-time favorite thing about writing. I'm excited to get to know everyone in the Youth Blog and be able to create something together!


Ariana (long dark wavy hair, blue lace top) looks over her shoulder at the camera smiling

Ariana Martínez Morales is a Seattle born student activist/writer, who enjoys writing poetry, painting, playing musical instruments and is a proud older sister. Ariana believes in the power of storytelling to bring about societal change. She uses her voice and various mediums to highlight issues she cares about including videography and photography. She was an intern at Foundry 10, where created a documentary focusing on Anti-Racism and its intersection with young people.

She also served on the youth board of the Rain City Rock Camp. Her art was selected to be featured by Young Women Empowered (Y-WE). She is a Youth Speaks Poet and athlete at her High School.

We can’t wait to see how these three amazing writers will shape the blog this semester!


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