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Meet the 2022/2023 Editors!

First up in our series of "Meet the Editors" is Rick!

Hi there! My name is Ricardo Gurango, but I go by Rick! This is my second year at South End Stories and I'm super excited to write for the blog again!

I'm a 16-year-old student writer residing in Seattle who is passionate about using writing to spread positive change. I'm currently a 11th grader at Edmonds Heights and first year Running Start student at North Seattle College.

I love writing- in my spare time I find myself writing stories, poetry, and songs about whatever is on my mind. I also love composing and producing music. Sharing and publishing my songs is still very much outside my comfort zone but I hope to get there one day. I'm not completely sure what I want to pursue as a career but I aspire to be a musician and filmmaker. I am also interested in mechanical engineering and am a team veteran on my school's competition robotics team.

I also love bubble tea, photography and making digital art. When I was little, I started thinking about the social issues around us. Ever since then, I'm committed to staying involved with youth activism- I think it's super important that youth voices are amplified through things like the South End Stories blog. Outside of the blog, I aspire to find different ways I can amplify my own voice in activism through my writing. I'm excited to be here and start creating something with the contributors and editors!

We're so excited to have Rick back this year!

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