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Meet the 2022/2023 Editors!

Next up in our "Meet the Editors" series is Harmony!

Creativity and Innovation are what drives our world. I create and design many different things because of the ongoing ideas that I have. Up until fifth grade, I didn’t know that I was a creative person. But as the fifth grade was coming to an end, my teacher handed me a wooden case filled with different kinds of art mediums. My fifth-grade teacher helped me realize that I have the power to create whatever my heart desires. The wooden case filled with various art mediums symbolized her support for my discovery of creativity and innovation. Now as a senior in high school, I have been exploring my curiosities such as learning about UX design, playing the piano, and making digital art. I want to continue to find new opportunities that will help me develop new experiences that can further not only my art experience but also my personal development. Something I currently enjoy learning about is self-care and self-development. I regard these matters as crucial because, over the course of years, I noticed that when I started to pay attention to my overall well-being, I felt better and did better. Because learning about these matters helped shape me into the person I am today, I want to help others navigate this world by learning about how they can take care of their overall well-being. Last year, I created a blog post/newsletter piece that was uploaded to South End Stories called “Self-care”. Within this piece, I talked about what is self-care, why it’s important, and what are some ways to practice it. Continuing on, I want to start looking into a specific topic that helps one’s personal development. I am passionate about art and well-being which is why I will take my future projects to be within these topics.

Moving on, I enjoy watching shows and movies because I am able to learn a lot from them and also take a break from the things I did on a hectic day. With tv shows and movies, one is immersed in a different world where there are plots, twists, and new characters that may be unexpected. I recently started growing plants because I enjoy watching how they are able to start from a small seed and grow into beautiful flowers. Growing plants also calms me and makes me reflect upon myself. I spend time with my family and friends because it makes me happy.

I look forward to being one of the blog editors for the duration of this time, and I look forward to reading and creating written works.

We're so happy to have Harmony back with us this year!

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