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Writing by Fatima

Contributor Fatima shared with us three personal pieces. Thank you Fatima!

Six cartoon faces of varying Black skin tones, the top three faces are putting up their fists.


When I was young, I used to be depressed. I couldn’t find who I truly was. I let people bring me down, like I was some piece of tape. Let me tell you a little about Fatima!

My name is Fatima Kabba. I was raised on the south end of Seattle, WA. I’ve never lived anywhere else! I’ve been in Seattle, my whole life.

When I graduate from Rainier Beach High School I want to become a doula, a midwife, a journalist or a businesswoman and run my own restaurant inshallah. Things that I have accomplished so far would be becoming a leader in my community, not being a follower but a leader! . I would say that I'm different because I do things that people don't expect me to achieve. Like when I had to step in for my work supervisor when she was absent.

For you to learn in life you have to go through things that you don’t want to go through. That is something that I learned this year. I also learned not to be so comfortable because for you to be able to learn in life you have to be uncomfortable.

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