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eccentrically us

A new zine created by young QTPOC, Seattle-born activists launched last month on their Instagram——with their first issue focused on American capitalism. The three creators met in high school and served as social media managers for the Seattle Change Coalition, which is where the idea of this zine was born. They encourage input and submissions from other young artists using their social media platform. View the zine on IG or get your own pdf copy by emailing

by Nala Berry

The Zine: eccentrically us

Chloe, Deanna, and I wanted to create something in which creative youth could be heard. One thing that I love about eccentrically us is how we have complete control over the direction we want the zine to go. There are no limitations, no restrictions, just free-flowing ideas. I love how we have the ability to collaborate with other artists and see their perceptions of the world through art. It’s been amazing so far seeing the ways that the people within my community are expressing themselves.

Work by @lexxex7 featured in the 1st issue of eccentrically us

So far, we’ve explored American capitalism and this month we are looking into the individual and the collective. We will continue to explore a multitude of different themes and ideas through our collective lens.

We launched July 1st, and usually finalize/print the zine around the 15th of each month. We currently have one finished issue and one on the way. The goal is purely to spread youth art and highlight young artists. We chose the zine format because we wanted a medium that felt artful, honest, and accessible to as many people as possible.

Follow us on Instagram to support and to see future issues and artwork.

About Us

Me: Nala Berry (she/her) is a Black, pansexual, creative being. She is a first-year at Pitzer College. Her work explores self-expression, identity, time, place, and closeness. Nala’s body of work consists of photography, prints, writing, and collages. In Nala’s free time, she enjoys journaling, watching stand up comedy, facetiming with friends, dancing in her living room, and playing volleyball. Nala also works with the Seattle Change Coalition.

Deanna (she/her) is a Communication Design major at Parsons School of Design. She is second generation Taiwanese and disabled. Her work explores culture, identity, history, and justice through an Asian-American lens, and uses both traditional and digital media. In her free time, Deanna enjoys dancing, sewing bra tops, and cooking bomb ass fried rice. Deanna is also working with and designing for the Seattle Change Coalition.

Chloe (she/they) is 18 and is currently a first year at Parsons School of Design. Chloe is a queer mixed race Asian American. Their work explores identity, gender, culture, and healing. They work with a multitude of mediums, such as, photography, painting, movement, embroidery, poetry and more. In Chloe’s free time, Chloe likes to pole dance, kickbox, play electric guitar, take film photos of their friends, fly kites, judge poetry slams, make short films, and dance in community gardens or parks. Chloe also works with a local youth organization known as the Seattle Change Coalition.

Header image: Work by @madebymaia_ featured in the first issue of eccentrically us

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