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Floki's Dreamy Film Photography

by Hung Nguyen aka “Floki”

My name is Hung Nguyen. I am also referred to as Floki. I'm 18 years old and I live in South Seattle. I recently graduated from Cleveland High School and am pursuing college in Seattle. 

I grew up in Vietnam for most of my life. After I moved to the US, for years I was living in different places like Florida and Everett. I was finally able to settle in Seattle for the last 4 years because I found great friends and I love the community. 

I recently just got into film photography (around December 2019) and I still got a lot to learn. Before then I enjoyed doing videography, but it was very difficult to afford the digital hobby. That's when I came across a film photography on YouTube and I been into analog ever since. I find photography very calm and a good way to push my creativity. 

I find most of my inspiration from my favorite photographers like Mark Webber, Willem Verbeeck (how I got into film), and Elsa Bleda. I tend to look for peace in my photos and simplicity really compliments with that factor. I also take portraits of friends and document my life.

I started self-developing my photos as well as scanning my film at home. Doing that gives me a lot of control over how I want my film to look. And most of my works are of places I come across or moments that I fortunately captured. I am also able to have film borders, which make my photos a bit more interesting. I also overexpose my film so it looks dreamy, which is what I enjoy.

I always enjoy photography, as a hobby and side hustle. I also love to share what I capture with people around me and I'm hoping to continue doing so in the future with a wider range of audiences.

© 2020 Hung Nguyen aka “Floki”

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