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Podcast Episode: Stories to Hold

Stories to Hold is a podcast produced by Sara Trujillo and Josie Jensen where we ask people connected to the south Seattle community the questions: what is the biggest pain you hold in your art? where do you feel the pain in your body? how have you coped with it? how do you want your story to be held by others?

The purpose of this is to normalize talking about pain to support folks in accepting and knowing they are not alone in their pain.

You can find the podcast episode on Spotify or on YouTube:


Sara, long curly black hair wearing a long sleeve white shirt, sits in the booth of restaurant smiling

Sara Trujillo was born in Mexico and moved to Tacoma in 2005. She then lived in Spokane for college and is an Act Six and Palmer’s Scholar. She is passionate about equity and healthcare access. She graduated from Whitworth University with a B.A in Community Health and Kinesiology with a Psychology minor. Currently, she is preparing to attend Bastyr University to get her Doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine. With an overall passion in healthcare access, the podcast Stories to Hold is meant to normalize communication about pain and struggle that we all deal with in every day life. Mental Health requires that we communicate to our community what we need help with to have support and also be held accountable. It also encourages us to hold empathy, understanding, and grace to each other as we grow through our struggles.

Jose, light beige skin and short light hair wearing braces, green earrings, and a green and black top smiles outdoors in front of trees

Josie Jensen is an artist and community organizer currently attending Rainier Beach High School in South Seattle. They like to spend their time writing musicals, asking questions, and doing mutual aid to support their community.

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