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Poems From Heaven

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

by Heaven Lee


Giddy and scared

Hot and loud

Mad and nice

Deep silent

Stiff and mad

Creative and joyful

I am completed to flee

Excited and scared

Rain and cloudy I morph to a dog I twist to an Antelope I reach for Turquoise I twist to a chick I become a small frog that changes colors when I swim I reach for Turquoise I become a dreamer


Luna so sweet when I say her name I look up in the sky

Snow begins to fall


A small white fluffy dog barked

Then a frog came behind Luna

Luna barked then chased the Frog

Oh no Luna barked she swallowed the Frog


Crazy spinning driving like a tenant

Look to the left look to the right

I see the whole world spinning alright

I just busted a flow oh oh 

It’s going to get low low low

To the flow flow flow

The world is spinning alright

See the bird flying

To the north and the south

They say “caw caw”

Bird is flying all day


black women turn your frown around

look at the sky and feed your soul

plant your greens and your flower to stay with ours

look around you 

you look so nice

you arent going to do no more drugs

stop hanging  out with those thugs

you are too nice to mess your soul up

spinning around in a circle on those dots


still i love you no matter what

how far you go how far you leave or how long your gone just know you're in my mind longer than life 

you stay tighter than the blowing waters splashing on the floor

when you come back just know we will have all the fun you want

going to the mall, going to pizza hut with their stuffed crust


YO YO you know your smile be affecting me

it makes me spill my tea

it just so shiny

you see me

keep looking at me before i spill my tea

your better than  me

just know your fly like the birds in the sky

you dont starve

you have the most perfect smile that people want to feed you


Hello my name is Heaven Lee. I am 11 years old and love writing. I do creative writing and poetry and lots more. In the summer of 2020 I took a writing class to help improve in my writing. It was really fun. I like to run track, play basketball, and make slime. I like writing because I think it will help in my success in life.

Header image: Stanley Zimney (CC license)

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