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Poems From Heaven (part two)

blue sky with white clouds above green grass

Heaven Lee is a fierce young leader. Her abilities reach past herself into humankind and Heaven has heart to go after whatever she is determined to do. At 11 years old Heaven was just was honored a scholarship towards entrepreneurship that she wants to indulge in during her college days. Below are two poems she's shared with us.


Those dark nights slaves and our ancestors tried to run away. Those times we could not see our ancestors. Something tells me you want to talk the talk and walk the walk, beside me like you know me. But do you know I know who has traveled our path, our ancestors!

* this poem was about finding and being connected to our ancestors *


Give yourself a hug

Think like a bug

smile like the world is giving you joy

follow your path (Something you like to do)

dream bigger than you know how to

dreamlike you can fly and touch the sky

the track brings me up high

when I'm zooming in the race I get 1st place

being the captain of my own ship

I affirm I am best in the race

* this poem is a reminder that we should always learn to love ourselves even when there may be self doubt *

Heaven, an 11 year old Black girl with locs down to her shoulders and braces, grins at the camera with trees behind her in a grey sweatshirt.

Hello my name is Heaven Lee. I am 11 years old and love writing. I do creative writing and poetry and lots more. In the summer of 2020 I took a writing class to help improve in my writing. It was really fun. I like to run track, play basketball, and make slime. I like writing because I think it will help in my success in life.

Header image: Sourced from Pixabay

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