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Simon Says

Here is Sage's 3rd piece. We can't believe there's only one more left!

Simon says do your chores

Simon says you’re tired? You don’t get to be tired.

Simon says get your lazy ass up.

Simon is tired. Simon’s emotions are more important than yours.

Simon says you better get out the door on time.

No one will respect you if you can’t show up places on time

How do you expect to get a job?

How do you expect to do anything?

You should start “expecting” to end up homeless.

Simon says change your clothes. You don’t want boys to take it as an invitation.

If they take it as an invitation, it’s your fault.

Simon says don’t interrupt me. You don’t get to have a voice.

Simon says I’m sorry. But it was your fault anyways.


Sage is a 17-year-old senior from Edmonds, Washington. They have loved reading and writing poetry for years. Among their favorite poets are Fatima Aamer Bilal, Richard Siken, and Sabrina Benaim. They believe that symbolism and allegory exist to communicate emotions that can't truly be captured literally. They use writing as a form of self-expression and are happy to be able to share that.

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