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True Magic

by Emily Alexander

The following is an excerpt from a screenplay written by Emily in a South End Stories summer screen writing class.


1 INT. RANDOM ROOM - NOON Radio on table. Person in the dark

PERSON OVER RADIO: I think I got rid of them.

PERSON: (garbs the radio. Says with a panic in her voice) Forever?

PERSON OVER RADIO: (breaths heavy) I hope.

2 EXT. RANDOM STREET - DAY 2022 August. Willow, Dina, and Sasha stroll down a street surrounded by grass. It is a warm day. They are all wearing comfy clothes.

WILLOW LOCKTON: (looks down) I can't believe that summer break is almost over.

DINA SANFATINE: (tries to be positive) At least most of our classes are the same.

SASHA DANIE: (sighs) Yeah, but there will be hardly any free time.

WILLOW: Wait is that a dog? (points to Bud)

SASHA: I think it is?

WILLOW: We need to help the poor puppy! (says to dog) Come on puppy! Come on!

(All call the dog and walk slowly to the dog)

DINA: (holds up the dog) I got him!

SASHA: Does he have tags?

WILLOW: (looks at dogs neck)I don't think he does.

DINA: (says cheerfully) I'll call to ask my Dad if I can keep him.

SASHA: Okay.

DINA: (calls her dad and puts him on speaker) Hey.

DINA'S DAD: (on call) Hi.

DINA: So, we found a stray dog he doesn't have any tags on him. So, can we keep him?

DINA'S DAD:(on call) (says with anger) We can't keep him he could have worms or rabies. And I don't want rabies... again.

DINA: Please! Dad! Come on! He is lost and scared! He's alone!

DINA'S DAD:(on call) I'm sorry, no! Dog's are a lot of work! Just... leave it on the street. (call ends)

DINA: (screams)

WILLOW: Jeez! Chill! I can take him in. My parents are on the cruse still so I can take him.

DINA AND SASHA: (looks at each other) Really?

WILLOW: Yeah. What should we name him?

SASHA: How about Bud?

DINA: Yeah! WILLOW: Bud is so cute!

(All run home laughing)


(shows Dina, angry at her home)

DINA'S DAD: Good night. (says apologetically)

DINA: Night. (says with anger turns away)

DINA'S DAD: (shut her bedroom door calmly)


(shows Sasha at her home calling Willow)

SASHA: OMG Bud is so cute!


(shows Willow at her home calling Sasha)

WILLOW: I know, right! (to Bud) Hi Bud! (hugs Bud)

(Later that night)

WILLOW: Good night, Bud.


WILLOW: (just woke up, Bud's not there) Good morning, Bud. Bud? Bud!Bud!? (Bud is at the door with a plate of food and a note that says "For You") Bud? Did you make this? Woah! A magic dog! No way, I'm dreaming. There is no such thing as a magic dog and if there was why would it be on my side? I must of made it last night.


(Willow and her friends are walking to school on the first day)

WILLOW: And it was so weird cause, I don't remember making it. But dogs can't cook!

SASHA: Weird...



(All eating lunch together)

WILLOW: OMG were you in Mr.J's class?

DINA: I was.

SASHA: Not me.

WILLOW: He talked on and on until Kate got up and said "IT IS MATH! NOT LISTENING!"

DINA: That was so funny! Wait? Is that your dog?

WILLOW: (with wide eyes) Bud?!

BUD: (trots to the girls)

WILLOW: (say confused) I think I am going insane.


WILLOW: I locked my doors this mourning. And I don't have a dog door.

DINA: Hey!

SASHA: What?!

DINA: He snatched my chicken wing!

WILLOW: See just more proof he is a normal dog. Not magic.

SASHA: What do you mean?

WILLOW: If he was magic couldn't he make his own food?

SASHA: Maybe he's part dog part human?

WILLOW: What!?

SASHA: Sorry I meant part dog part magic.

WILLOW: What?! Part human is crazy but part magic... that's just insane!

SASHA: How? Your lighting scar looks like the number 3.

WILLOW: (looks down and talks softly) 3 doesn't mean any thing it is just a scar. (blinks) (sees a dark room with 3 people and then a flash?) There are people in my head!

DINA: What?

WILLOW: I blinked and there were people in my head!

SASHA: (perks up and says energetically) How many!

WILLOW: 3. But it is not magic! I think.

SASHA: Close your eyes again!

DINA: Okay. Now I think your crazy! Close your eyes and see if you can control them. If you can its all in your head.

WILLOW: Fine. (closes eyes)

10 INT. BLACK ROOM - THIS MOMENT 3 people are standing there. A girl with blue hair and a leather jacket. DUSK. A guy with a purple t-shirt JAKE and another girl wearing a red infinity scarf SARA.

WILLOW: Wh..who are you?

DUSK: I'm Dusk. and these are Jake and Sara.

SARA: (in a disgusted tone) Is this our new host?

WILLOW: Host! Are you a virus? Am I insane?

DUSK: (kicks Sara's shin) She means master.

WILLOW: Are you real or just in my head?

JAKE: We live in your head but we are real.

WILLOW: So, what is it that you... do?

DUSK: We... help people in need.


SARA: Oh! I got this one! We find people who need help with school and stuff and we "help" them.

WILLOW: Your gonna help me! How can I repay you?

JAKE: (says with a fake hint of sadness) We wanna be in the real world.

WILLOW: How do I help with that?

DUSK: We need your brain key.

WILLOW: My brain key? What is that?

SARA: (says bored) It's the key lets us in the brain.


SARA: No. We aren't in your brain we're in your head not your brain.

WILLOW: Oh.... So how do I get my brain key?

JAKE: This room can turn into any where. Just think, where would you hide a key.

11 INT. KITCHEN - THAT MOMENT In a modern, sleek, homey, kitchen. Dusk, Jake, and Sara aren't there but Willow is.

WILLOW: Whoa! This place knows right where I would hide a key! (she walks towards the "unopened package of sugar. Opens it up then reaches in for the key.) I've got it!


WILLOW: I've got it! Here you go.

DUSK: Yeah!

WILLOW: Well, I should go, my friends are probably waiting.


SASHA: Willow! What did you see!

DINA: I bet nothing.

WILLOW: It was so crazy.


SASHA: Oh, we got to go. Bye.

WILLOW: Stall the teacher I'm gonna run Bud home.

SASHA: Okay!

14 INT. WILLOW'S HOUSE - AFTERNOON At Willow's house she is sitting on her couch watching with her dog on her lap. Then she turns off the TV. And walking to her sleek modern kitchen. She walks to the kitchen and cracks eggs in to a bowl and puts salt and pepper into the eggs and whisks them. Then puts in in a pan. and puts cheese on it to make an omelet.

WILLOW: (looks at bud, takes a bit and says with a full mouth) You're not getting any of my omelet.

BUD: (runs food bowl and starts eating)

WILLOW: Bud, what are you eating? (walks over to Bud) Wait, that's my omelet! But I still have my omelet. Okay. Maybe you are magic.

15 INT. WILLOWS BACKYARD - MOMENTS LATER 15 In a big backyard there are two pieces on printer paper on the grass. One says yes and one says no.

WILLOW: Okay, Bud go the the sight that you mean (points to the no sign) No (points to the yes sign) Yes. Got it?

BUD: (goes to Yes)

WILLOW: Okay. Great! Are you magic?

Bud: (goes to yes)

WILLOW: Did you run away?

BUD: (goes to no)

WILLOW: Are you good?

BUD: (goes to yes)

WILLOW: Were you born magic?

BUD: (goes to yes)

WILLOW: Oh! Do you know the people in my head?

BUD: (goes to yes)

WILLOW: Really! Cool!

BUD: (goes to yes then no)

WILLOW: What? Are you tired? Let's go in.

16 INT. DINA’S FAMILY DINNER - EVENING Dina and her mom, dad, brothers, and sister are sitting at a table. Lono, the oldest brother, Fana, the oldest sister but not as old as Lono, and Dina and Jordan the twins.

DINA: I think Willow is going crazy.


DINA: She says that there are 3 people in her head.

LONO (HER BROTHER): (With wide eyes and looks to Fana) Really?

DINA: Yeah. It's weird.

17 INT. FANA'S ROOM - AFTER DINNER All the light are off and Lono's sitting on the bed and Fana's pacing.

FANA: I thought you got rid on them!

18 EXT. CREEK - NIGHT Near a creek it is raining and dark. Lono in standing the the rain with blood on his forehead and holding a radio.

LONO: I think I got rid of them.

FANA: (over radio) (with a slight panic this her voice) Forever?

LONO: (breathy heavy) I hope.


My name is Emily Alexander I am 12 years old and I went to the South End Stories summer screen writing class. I am interested in a career in fashion. I like to sew, bake, act, and craft. I love comedies, thrillers, and rom coms. I hope people can connect with this script because I am very proud of it and I hope you like it.

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