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Awesome Student Films From SES/SIFF Summer Camps

Filmmaker Santiago talks about early experiences with colorism in 'The Darker Side'

This summer, South End Stories partnered with SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) to engage students in week-long virtual filmmaking camps. We are thrilled to share some of their work on the South End Stories youth blog:

The Darker Side: Is It Fair? by Samara, Marzieh, and Santiago (3:44)

"My name is Santiago. I am 12 years old. The first time I experienced colorism was when I was in-between the ages 1 and 3."

In Documenting the Real World Camp, instructor Tiffany opened the week by asking students what subjects they would be interested in for their film. The conversation blossomed into this well-crafted short film about colorism and fairness by Samara, Marzieh, and Santiago. The filmmakers beautifully demonstrate the power of personal reflection, interviewing, and evaluating the media we consume.

Documental, by Victor (0:54)

"Believe and try." –Victor

Produced in South End Stories/SIFF's Documenting the Real World Camp, talented filmmaker Victor explored the limits of his iPad/iMovie software to create a short documentary collage on the extraordinary value of reading and learning. 

Blue Sky, by Ricardo (3:44)

"If we don't listen to our planet's cries, our children will never see blue skies." –Ricardo

Making Music Video Camp gave Ricardo the opportunity to create an original music video as a passionate call to climate action. Ricardo's adept use of original footage mixed with stock footage (all cited in the end credits) builds urgency alongside his authentic, passionate rap performance.

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